A scientist writes notes at a lab bench

Capacity Building

HJFMRI helps scientists and health workers gain access to the education, training, services, equipment and supplies necessary to address immediate health threats and "build the bench" against future challenges. HJFMRI has a longstanding commitment to scientific capacity building at partner sites around the world and has a track record of enhancing sustainable research capabilities, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Woman working at a lab hood

Boosting Biopreparedness

HJFMRI supports two collaborative initiatives that leverage existing research platforms and relationships to improve biopreparedness in Africa and the Middle East. The Joint West Africa Research Group (JWARG) and Partnership for Research in the Middle East (PRIME) focus on lab strengthening, training, and countermeasure development.

A scientist labels Petri dishes at a lab bench

Laboratory Accreditation

The HJFMRI team helps partner sites prepare for and achieve rigorous laboratory accreditations to ensure quality and performance meet international gold standards.

A group of students in personal protective equipment stand in front of a training presentation

Specialized Training

HJFMRI implements disease-specific training, such as malaria microscopy and mpox diagnostics and clinical response, for scientific and medical personnel at international sites. These trainings support program activities and can improve overall biopreparedness to protect against outbreaks. 

A woman standing at a podium in front of a PowerPoint presentation

Continuing Education and Mentoring

Since HJF and HJFMRI began work in Africa, our scientists have mentored students at partner sites as they pursue graduate and postgraduate degrees and professional training opportunities. Educational opportunities help grow a new generation of scientists and clinicians who go on to advance biomedical research and global health.