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Vaccine Development

Vaccines are one of the most powerful tools to prevent the spread of infectious disease and bolster global health. Vaccine research and development is often a collaborative effort across private and public sectors, and HJFMRI is a key partner supporting the efforts of governmental and military partners in developing preventive vaccines against some of the world's most pressing infectious disease challenges.

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HIV Vaccine Research

HJF has supported the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research U.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) since its inception in 1986. MHRP has emerged as a world leader in HIV vaccine research and development, and HJFMRI has helped MHRP expand these capabilities to multiple sites in Africa.

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Lassa Fever Consortium

HJFMRI is part of LEAP4WA, a unique multidisciplinary collaboration of seven leading research institutions in Africa, Europe, and North America to advance promising Lassa fever vaccine candidates.

COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts

HJFMRI experts and services assist partners in Africa as they conduct research to advance COVID-19 vaccine and monoclonal antibody products. Current efforts support research sites that are part of the COVID-19 Prevention Network (CoVPN). 

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Developing a Malaria Vaccine

HJFMRI aids the efforts of the Kenya Medical Research Institute/CDC to create a malaria vaccine, even through continuing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Pioneering Ebola Vaccine Research

HJFMRI supported early testing of Ebola vaccine candidates, leveraging its established network of partner clinical research sites in Africa to pivot towards Ebola countermeasures.