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Our Services

To assist with the implementation of medical programs, HJFMRI provides scientific and technical personnel as well as administrative and logistical expertise. We also provide support services in protocol planning, site development, research operations, data collection and analysis, regulatory compliance, and international program staffing and contracts.  

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Research and Site Development

HJFMRI employs experts on trial design, methodology, and regulatory interactions to help optimize your clinical development strategy. International laboratory support staff engages early in project planning to assess sites, bring labs to accreditation standards, procure vendor and service contracts and train local staff. 

Data Collection and Analysis

We employ biostatisticians with backgrounds in medical research who coordinate data collection and storage for large, long-running studies and conduct precise, insightful analyses to help illuminate your research questions. 

Regulatory Compliance

HJFMRI’s regulatory experts ensure your research operations comply with applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations relating to research involving human or animal subjects, recombinant DNA, select agents and patient privacy. 

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HJFMRI helps advance medical research to benefit local populations and the global community. To achieve this, HJFMRI provides technology support services to facilitate the transition of innovations developed by program researchers to benefit the general public. 

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Research Operations

HJFMRI staff has the expertise and experience to help you navigate through layers of complexities in international business practices such as language barriers, logistical capabilities, different time zones, and engagement with global governments and partners.

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International Hiring and Contracts

HJFMRI understands how to work in partnership with researchers by acting as the trusted and responsive link between the medical community, public entities and private partners.