Paul Zaremba, Deputy Portfolio Leader & Chief of Operations for HJF Components of MHRP & EIDB

Operational Leadership

Paul Zaremba is the Deputy Portfolio Leader & Chief of Operations for the HJF components of MHRP and EIDB. He has spent the majority of his career between HJF, MHRP, and WRAIR where he served in various management roles leading finance, international operations and business development teams. Before returning to join MHRP in May of 2019, Paul was the Executive Director of Administration at ICON Government & Public Health Solutions. Early in his career he spent 10 years in corporate finance roles at The NASDAQ Stock Market.

Paul attended Buffalo State College where he received his bachelors in Economics. He went on to get a M.A. at Old Dominion University in International/Global Studies and later attended the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University where he received a degree in Business Administration.