Christopher Bayer, PMP, Director, International Operations

Operational Leadership

Having worked for HJF and its subsidiaries for over 20 years, Christopher D. Bayer, PMP now serves as the Deputy Portfolio Leader for Global Operations and the Director of International Operations. Leveraging his years as an Analyst in International Programs for the Office of the Secretary of Defense along with his grant making experience within other federal agencies, Chris brings a broad background in managing basic science and global health operations in developing countries and has worked closely to establish relationships and agreements with host country institutions and other entities to achieve required objectives.

Chris leads the portfolio’s teams in the planning and execution of pre and post award project activities and serves as the Administrative Principal Investigator for two USG multi-million-dollar awards in East Africa (one sponsored by the CDC and another by DoD) that require broad management and ongoing strategic consultations with local hosts and fellow partners to meet program objectives, protect financial interest, and lower overall risk.