Growing HJFMRI Impact

Area of Research


Western Kenya is a hub for health research and disease surveillance due to the significant health challenges, including high maternal and child mortality and a high burden of infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria in the region. 

In addition to its Regional Office in Nairobi, in 2020, HJFMRI opened the HJFMRI Western Kenya Office in the town of Kisumu to better support the Government of Kenya and our partners in the region. HJFMRI believes sustainable development is achieved only when we partner with the host government, members of the community, research, and academic institutions, and NGOs. HJFMRI’s robust financial, program management and procurement systems provide assurance to funding partners and build the capabilities of our local implementing partners.  Since its founding, the office has been able to support existing studies while pursuing business opportunities to attract new partners due to increased client satisfaction and improved service delivery.