Collaborating Around the World

Area of Research


HJFMRI closely collaborates with CAMRIS International LLC, which is an international development and health research affiliate that was acquired by HJF in October 2020. CAMRIS has supported dozens of government programs over the past 20 years focused on medical research and public health, including many programs overseas and has capacity to quickly start up efforts in new countries within months.


This support of public health-focused research programs includes the Bacterial and Parasitic Disease Research Program and Viral and Zoonotic Disease Research Program at Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 (NAMRU-3) in Sigonella, Italy. To date, this process has ensured the delivery of thousands of pieces of equipment to various site locations in multiple countries and across four continents.


In Liberia, CAMRIS supported efforts to study Arbovirus-associated acute febrile illness (AFI) exploring incidence and etiology and conducting acute infectious neurological disease surveillance in hospitalized patients in Liberia as it related to identification of the viral etiology. In addition to Liberia, CAMRIS has also provided support to lab locations in Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, and Jordan.